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The project

This villa is a classic example of how the Nordic architectural style fused with the typical Puglia style is able to give life to a building so sought after, but at the same time that perfectly insinuates itself in the rural context of Puglia.

The color contrasts of the white lime and rust of the stones make the place from the first welcoming impact, in a few words you feel immediately at home.

The total white facades, except for the entrance made in local stone, give a sense of tranquility and peace, all that a man wants to find.

The spaces

The access to the house takes place from an entrance located in a large white wall that gives a greater sense of privacy. Once inside you are immediately facing a wonderful swimming pool with aromatic plants and ancient olive trees.

From the inside we immediately notice the large glazed openings that give the house light, air and a sense of spatiality.

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