Real Estate Services for Buyers

Property Finder 

Our goal is to provide a highly professional service trying to safeguard the time and money of our customers by providing them with a Personal Property Finder or an agent dedicated to understanding the specific needs and advising them by evaluating multiple factors such as price, area, services and last but not least the potential of the investment! Once we understand the needs of our potential buyer we can outline the key points of the research to be carried out and select the most suitable properties to visit. So a completely customized and dedicated service through:

  • Initial contact with the client to discuss their specific needs
  • In-depth market research and presentation of the real estate offer
  • Personalized visits and possible negotiations
  • Legal, technical and tax advice for the purchase
  • Cadastral and Mortgage Visure
  • Drafting and registration of preliminary sale
  • Complete assistance from the whole group up to the notarial deed.